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Technical characteristics

• Base in high-thickness sheet steel, with a diameter depending on the size of the tabletop, providing stability to the whole. Central hole for the upload of wiring. Padded below with carpet, to avoid damage to the floor.
• 6" steel tube leg.
• Structure totally painted in polyester powder with electrostatic application.
• Tabletop in ?Phenolic? or ?Porcelain Stoneware? finishes.
• Optionally, it is possible to add a box-like structure under the tabletop to accommodate the monitor. In this case, the top can open up, with practical shocks, to facilitate installation and necessary maintenance.
Characteristic: Cloth cover available Characteristic: Possibility of realizing embroidery

Measurements in mm

Details Height Width Depth
Total Image with measurements details 0 0 0
Seat 0 0 0

Recommended uses

Recommended use: Bingo

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