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Technical characteristics

It is our most robust screen. Superior stability with respect to the “Slim” model by incorporating a flat base 30 cm wide and 12 kg in weight. The stainless steel telescopic structure multiplies its diameter to provide greater strength and safety (diam. 50 and 60 mm).

They resist small accidental blows like no other. They are appropriate for broader provisions and with a greater influx of users. Especially recommended in bars or leisure and gaming machines where the user needs to use a stool. The high mobility that these elements provide when turning, or the need to access them laterally, increases the possibilities of bumping with the screen.
Optionally they can be supplied with a holder for a hydroalcohol dispenser.

They can be swiveled in order to contrast the base with the screen thereby avoiding interference with furniture. In addition, they can incorporate wheels (30 mm) and bumpers, in gold, silver or black PVC, to provide them with mobility and facilitate storage.

Measurements in mm

Details Height Width Depth
Total Image with measurements details 0 0 0
Seat 0 0 0

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