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Here we describe the design of the packaging. We start with the format of the so-called EUROPAL as a platform to work on. We also have our logistical knowledge as furniture manufacturers with export experience both continental and overseas.

We begin the development of a packaging that optimizes space and content protection. The best relationship found on the project volumes is two units per package. Each package will occupy a surface of 600 x 800 mm, exactly half of a Europal. In this way, on the surface and per unit of pallet we can place two boxes or what is the same, four dismounted stools.

The tests carried out with different models determine the third dimension of the volume with 600 mm minimum. The placement in each box of the two units of stools is shown in the following figure:

Efficient stacking for transportation

The results obtained in the cubic capacity of the different transport platforms; 40’ DV container, 20’ DV container and 33 Europalet truck, satisfy the initial premise of duplicating the logistical capabilities in all cases.

According to the given distributions, these are the maximum transport capacities by type of vehicle:

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