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About us

MIGUÉLEZ SEATING is part of a family holding company run by the third generation of the same family.

Our products are present in Portugal, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Chile, Peru, Panama, the Dominican Republic and the USA. In 2018, we achieved a sales volume of 200 million euros.

Our company was born in 1951 as a result of the business concerns of the brothers Luis and José Miguélez. The activity developed in those early years consisted in the manufacturing of TV stands, camping chairs and folding seats for multi-use industrial vehicles.

The link between MIGUÉLEZ and the automobile sector resulted in a rapid awareness of the need for TOTAL QUALITY as an unavoidable goal.

In 1976, MIGUÉLEZ began to manufacture the first sets of armchairs and tables for an incipient sector of the game.

In the 90's, 80% of the bingo halls of THE IBERIAN PENINSULA (900) were equipped with our products. The tables of MARMOL-K were the constant in all the bingos. Nowadays, many of those tables continue to provide their services in halls all over Europe.

In 1999, Italy creates a gaming law. MIGUÉLEZ supplies 11,000 armchairs and thousands of tables to equip more than 40 bingo halls in the transalpine country. In the year 2018, 1,500 chairs were supplied to our Italian customers.

The specialization as manufacturers of stools for SLOT machines occurs naturally as the game evolves in this direction.

Certified quality

The quality of a product can only be demonstrated through successful experiences. To accomplish this, it is necessary to possess the most demanding conditions and introduce improvements that correct the weaknesses observed over a long period of time.

Accelerating this process is only achieved by subjecting the products to resistance and fatigue tests of materials homologated by the standardizing institutions.

Only the MIGUÉLEZ stools are compliant with the most demanding standards in the world, and offer a 7-year warranty for all the unupholstered components of its models of armchairs and stools. The longest coverage available in Europe.
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