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Bingo Sect-4

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Bingo Sect-4

Technical characteristics

Screens for bingo tables of different formats.
They distribute the surface of the worktop into sectors.
They can incorporate a central opening at the bottom to facilitate viewing on tables with monitors.

It is a kit consisting of two interconnected panels in the form of a cross that divides the table circumference of the surface into 4 sectors. Perfect for tables with tabletops from 110 to 130 cm in diameter.

It is entirely made of fire retardant polycarbonate B-s1, d0. R.D. 842/2013 (UNE-EN 13501-1+A1). It lacks floor supports, making it easily removable and storable. It is supported on the worktop only by gravity.

It is highly stable and easy to move for cleaning tasks. Users perceive protection, but it does not interfere with arm and leg  movements. It can incorporate openings in order to avoid accidental hitting of the elbows.

Central support disk with a 25 cm diameter can be used for the numbering of tables or for placement of the “Line” and “Bingo” indicators.

Option of permanent engraving with low relief finish. 

Measurements in mm

Details Height Width Depth
Total Image with measurements details 0 0 0
Seat 0 0 0

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